Rising actress and radical stuntwoman, Alice Rietveld, has stolen hearts and blown minds with unforgettable performances.  Since breaking into the acting world on the set of Criminal Minds, she has infused Hollywood with her elegance, realism, and gift for striking emotion, as seen in her colorful appearances on Skyfire, Lucifer, Tacoma FD, Law & Order: LA, CSI: NY, and many more.  Thriving in the face of change, she was built for the ever-shifting landscape of the entertainment industry and wild exploration of our blue planet.  

Alice’s courage has elevated action scenes in countless blockbuster hits, including Knives Out, Jungle Cruise, Maze Runner: Scorch Trials, The Tomorrow War, and her breakout role as a stunt double for Kristen Stewart and Ashley Greene in the vampire thriller, Twilight.  Her fascinating approach to her work dares viewers to blast through their comfort zone and supercharge their lives with a fearless adventure of their own.  In fact, that’s her official calling card!

After establishing a sparkling career as a professional dancer touring across Europe, Ms. Rietveld left her Netherlands hometown of Eindhoven and exploded into NYC’s Broadway scene, debuting as Winnie Tate in Annie Get Your Gun.  Many iconic stage productions later, the globetrotter set sail for LA in pursuit of dancing opportunities, only to discover her intense passion for on-screen acting and stunt performing.  These mediums allow her to reach deep into her soul to create an empowering visual story.

From trekking to the Tibetan base camp of Mount Everest, to swimming alongside Orcas in the turquoise waters of the Sea of Cortez, immersing herself in the expansive wonder of more than 70 countries, Alice has mastered the art of embracing the now.  She lives a life of graceful yet brave exploration.  Her free spirit vibes are contagious and undeniable.  Loving nothing more than connecting with others along her journeys, this visionary dreams of producing a philanthropic adventure show that keeps you on the edge of your seat while highlighting the lives of everyday people and contributing to the healing of our beautiful world.

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